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Leggi un campionario di testimonianze da parte degli utenti di Web Security Guard.


Leggi un campionario di testimonianze da parte degli utenti di Web Security Guard.

Petr S. ha scritto:

(pubblicato su: 02/15/2008)

Before I installed Web Security Guard, I experienced spyware infection of my computer every week. Now that I get warned before I access dangerous websites, I feel much safer. Thanks!

Ellen F. ha scritto:

(pubblicato su: 02/13/2008)

I feel much more confident when I browse now that I have Web Security Guard. Before I installed it, I wasn’t able to tell which page is safe and which not. Thank you for this great free product.

Juliet B. ha scritto:

(pubblicato su: 02/13/2008)

With Web Security Guard I can distinguish safe search results from the dangerous ones. Before I installed it, I would have never believed that there are so many dangerous websites in the top search results.

John L. ha scritto:

(pubblicato su: 02/12/2008)

I installed Web Security Guard with Spyware Terminator and I really appreciate how it works together to prevent my computer infection. Thank you.

Jack S. ha scritto:

(pubblicato su: 02/10/2008)

Web Security Guard warns me whenever I try to access a dangerous website. I feel much safer now! Amazing product, thanks!

James H. ha scritto:

(pubblicato su: 02/09/2008)

Searching with Web Security Guard is now much safer. It helps me identify bad sites so I can avoid clicking on them and prevent installing bad stuff on my computer. Thanks a lot!

Sally M. ha scritto:

(pubblicato su: 02/07/2008)

I like the way Web Security Guard protects me from all kinds of bad stuff on Internet. Web Security Guard displays warnings whenever I click on a link leading to a dangerous site. I’m glad this protection is available for free.

Lilly G. ha scritto:

(pubblicato su: 02/06/2008)

My friend recommended Web Security Guard, and it really recognizes bad sites in search results. Thanks for this free program.

John A. ha scritto:

(pubblicato su: 02/05/2008)

I knew I had to do something to prevent computer infections. I installed Web Security Guard and I haven’t experience one virus, adware or spam! This program really works.

Sue P. ha scritto:

(pubblicato su: 02/05/2008)

I set my Web Security Guard to automatically download new updates, so I don’t have to worry about encountering dangerous things while browsing the Internet. Just download and surf safely. Thanks!

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